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Robinson Farm

Raymond & Pamela Robinson
42 Jackson Road • PO Box 94
Hardwick, MA 01037
(413) 477-6988 (home/office)

Baystate Organic Certifiers - Certified Organic

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Arpeggio - Gold Medal WinnerNews from the Robinson Farm

Gold Medal Winner - 2017 Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition: Arpeggio

Award Winner 2016 Eastern States Gold Cheese Competition: Arpeggio

2013 Award-Winning Cheese: Prescott

The American Cheese Society (ACS) is a not-for-profit trade organization founded in 1983 to support the North American artisan and specialty cheese industry. ACS strives to continually raise the quality and availability of cheese in North America. In the 2013 ACS Competition 257 companies submitted 1,794 different products. Unlike other cheese competitions, where cheeses are only graded down for technical defects, ACS’s goal is to give positive recognition to those cheeses that are of the highest quality in their aesthetic and technical evaluation.

Farming Magazine - October 2013

2012 Award-Winning Cheese!
American Cheese Society: A Barndance
Big E Gold Cheese Competition: Prescott & Tekenink Tomme

Culture: The Word on Cheese (Dec. 28, 2012)

Boston Globe (Oct. 21, 2012)

Wine Supper April 2011

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